About Me

2019 Granada Portrait

Hi! My name is Jesse and I am a director/cinematographer specializing in commercials, documentary films, video editing, still photography, music videos, and motion time-lapse photography. For the past 10 years I have directed the multi-media film crew of NOCOAST based out of Boulder CO, and we have traveled all over making movies about brands, music, people and creativity. I am also an FAA Part 107 Licensed UAV Pilot for commercial hire in the USA.

Film-making is all about teamwork, and one’s vision is only as good as the crew capable of executing it. So let’s collaborate, get experimental along the way, and push our artistic visions toward something new. My latest inspiration has come from astrophotography, and I have really enjoyed hiking into the back-country with my gear to capture the heavens above.

Please check out my 2020 Director’s Reel below. Enjoy!

Jesse Borrell Visuals background image
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