Boulder Valley School District - COVID Response 2020

I recently directed/shot/edited this documentary on how the COVID Pandemic has affected parents, students, and teachers in the Boulder Valley School District.

The String Cheese Incident "Song In My Head"

NOCOAST has been working with The String Cheese Incident for many years. Back in 2011 we were hired to be their documentary film crew, catching 14 shows in 16 days during the Roots Run Deep Tour. More recently we were lucky to spend over a year as fly-on-the-wall filmmakers as they crafted their first studio album in over 10 years at Immersive Studios, with Jerry Harrison of The Talking Heads producing the album.

There is almost nothing I love more than filming a band that I admire as they record a record. At the beginning of a session there is a blank slate aside from a list of songs on a sheet of paper, and we are in the inner circle. The musicians jump in so do we, adding their musical layers in-front of rolling cameras. Once the tracks are complete, the fun begins on my end and it’s a rush to start editing together pieces of their story.

The Disco Biscuits - Studio 4 Sessions

Back in 2010, I got the opportunity to hang out in the studio for two weeks with one of my favorite bands, The Disco Biscuits. Not only did this shoot mark the beginning of NOCOAST, but it was also the beginning of my career as a music documentarian and the resulting edits are some of my all-time favorites.

Jesse Borrell Visuals background image
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