Choice: NOW is the new frictionless and independent shopping experience at Choice Market. By simply scanning your QR code upon entry, you can then shop the store in minutes, grabbing the items you want and need and then exiting without the traditional checkout. No lines, no waiting, just make your Choice & GO.

Directed/Filmed/Edited by myself. Produced by NOCOAST, and Production Assistance by Tomas Morgan.

I directed and edited this commercial for Sam Adams and Dogfish Head Brewery. The Creative Agency was Moxie Sozo, and the Director of Photography was Jeffery Garland.

People For Bikes - RIDE SPOT

PeopleForBikes, the brightest voice in bicycle advocacy in America, created Ride Spot to reduce barriers to riding and inspire you to ride! Download Ride Spot now to find great routes, find fellow riders, track your rides and share your stories.


I recently collaborated with my friends at Buck Ross Productions for PopSockets – one of Boulder’s fastest growing companies. As the Director of Photography, I was tasked to shoot a recruitment video for the company.

Join the Boulder Valley School District Team

The Boulder Valley School District is the #1 Employer in Colorado, and NOCOAST created this commercial to help promote recent job openings in our community.

Snooze Eatery Manifesto

Buck Ross Productions hired me to DP this delicious culture video for Snooze Eatery here in Colorado.

5 Days in Paradise

I directed and edited this 3-part commercial for the Everglades tourism board and Entercom NYC. The NOCOAST crew spent a week down in Florida chasing alligators, and exploring downtown Naples with reality TV stars Sean and Catherine Lowe.

The TiVo BOLT is an entertainment system that allows viewers to skip commercial breaks with the press of a button. To show just how much people don’t like commercials, we installed 13 hidden cameras in a movie theater and then interrupted the screening with three awful ads. The reactions were priceless. Produced by Buck Ross Productions.

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