Shooting a Commercial for PopSockets

I recently collaborated with my friends at Buck Ross Productions for PopSockets, one of Boulder’s fastest-growing companies. As the Director of Photography, I was tasked to film a recruitment video for the company. After spending a couple of hours studying the lengthy shot list, it was clear to me that I needed to assemble a crew that was nimble enough to capture a clean, corporate look.

The shoot was held at their new 46,000 sq. ft. office space. Not to be outdone by the sophisticated, playful work environment, my crew proceeded to join in the fun. The energy was distinctly creative, collaborative, and colorful.

Photo by Jesse Borrell

In preparation, I called my friends at ProPhoto Rental and we selected a powerful lighting package that wouldn’t slow us down through the 30+ set-ups we had scheduled. Our main light was the Aperture X200; multiple battery-powered Dracast Bi-Color LEDs. These lights are lightweight and mobile, emitting the high-quality soft light that the client was looking for.

We also rented the massive Hive Lighting WASP 1000 Plasma Par – for a special time-lapse set-up where we mimicked the sun from above, casting a shadow on over 2000 PopSockets being popped 1 by 1.

The Philosophy behind PopSockets

PopSockets makes “innovative, fun products that might just change your life.” They certainly changed the innovator’s life: “Ever since philosophy professor David Barnett made the first PopGrip by gluing two buttons to his phone, it’s been our mission to bring fun into the world. In 2018, we were voted one of the Best Companies to Work for in Colorado, we took the #2 spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5000 Fastest Growing Companies, and our founder, CEO, and resident goofball David Barnett was named Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year.”

The atmosphere is playful. The ethos is philanthropic. The architecture is fun. I look forward to my next collaboration with their team. PopSockets is currently hiring!

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