Category: Still Photography

03 Nov
Spanish Pyrenees Milky Way PanoramaSpanish Pyrenees Milky Way Panorama

Milky Way Panoramas in the Spanish Pyrenees

It is often difficult to view stars from where I live in San Sebastian due to persistent cloud cover and overall light pollution. On the eve of the 2017 Perseid Meteor shower, I had been checking local forecasts when I saw a small weather window of clear skies. On a whim, I rented a car and took off north-east for a solo overnight in the Spanish Pyrenees.

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30 Mar
Pretty Lights

Humble Beginnings

My first foray into the music industry was built upon a simple trade: I could get free tickets to a concert if I took pictures. I’d hustle through a long day working construction, take a shower, catch a 60 minute train ride down to Grand Central, hop onto a subway, and rush to the box office to grab my credentials. I was in heaven…

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