2017 Director’s Reel!

Hola mis amigos y familia! Jaime and I have been in San Sebastian for a little over 3 weeks now and we are loving it. Our apartment is perched on a north facing hill just above the city, and our views all day from our balcony are beautiful. The people here are very friendly, and the language barrier hasn’t been too difficult to navigate – even though both Euskera and Castilian Spanish is spoken here interchangeably. 

Before leaving Colorado I started putting together my director’s reel, but never had time to finish it. After finally carving out some mental space, I jumped back into this edit while working from home and in a coffee shop downtown. I’m excited to share a visual resume of sorts representing my favorite moments from the past 7 years of professional work as a director/videographer/editor. Big thanks to the diverse crews I’ve worked with over the years. Huge props especially to Tobin Voggesser and Jeffery Garland for sharing their wisdom. You both are top notch artists, but have been incredible friends and mentors to me over the years.

Double Rainbow over San Sebastian, Spain
Photo by Jesse R. Borrell, NOCOAST

Although it was very cold, I jumped in the ocean the other day and it was exhilarating. Hints of spring are upon us, and we know the summer is going to be amazing. We have always dreamed of living near the ocean, and we feel very fortunate to live just a short walk to a beautiful beach. The inland terrain is very mountainous and we we have been getting little tastes of home here and there.

Below are some photos I took after taking a solo road trip through the Basque Countryside the other day. As I made my way to the city of Zaldibia, the whole area was blanketed under thick fog and I could barely see 15 feet in front of me. Thinking the whole day could be a wash due to the limited visibility, I ditched my original itinerary and made a hasty left up a random steep road where I met a photogenic sheep and a proud, snorting mini-horse. I pulled over to the side to catch my bearings, and waved to a sheep herder going about his morning routine. Eventually the fog lifted, and I was greeted to one of the most astounding mountain views I have ever seen.

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After pleasantly driving around looking for a place to eat lunch, I landed at a suitable spot to take a break and shoot some time-lapses. Since I had to pack light for the move here, I unfortunately could not bring NOCOAST‘s deluxe Camera Goat Cinema Slider with me. I did bring two Syrp Genie Mini time-lapse controllers and the Dual Axis Arm though. Check out a behind-the-scenes look at using the rig here in 4K:

Jesse Borrell Visuals background image
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